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Your FREE, fast-track route to HSE-compliant competence checking

Are you meeting your HSE obligations?

If your organisation brings third-party contractors or service providers onto site, you have a legal duty to ensure that they are fully qualified and competent to carry out their work. Doing so helps to safeguard your employees, visitors and anyone else using your site.

This usually involves manually checking the original certificates and qualification documents of each individual entering your site. It’s a time-consuming process, and the staff on your front desk may not be qualified to judge whether the documents are up to date or relevant. Often, no record is kept to provide evidence that these essential checks have been carried out – meaning you have no defence if an incident occurs on site.

Don’t risk cutting corners on health and safety checks

The consequences of admitting an inadequately qualified person onto site could be disastrous, ranging from operational disruption to potentially fatal accidents. These could have considerable financial and reputational implications for your business and could result in criminal charges being brought against managers.

Fully HSE-compliant competence checks

The services offered by Reset enable you to check the credentials of any Reset cardholders in an instant, via any internet-enabled device. No specialist knowledge is needed to carry out the competence check, as a simple traffic-light system will flag up any qualifications that have expired.

Crucially, to ensure you fulfil your legal obligations, Reset also keeps a record of every check that’s carried out. If any incident occurs on your site, you have proof that you fulfilled your legal duty to check the competence of contractors on site.

2,929enforcement notices were issued by all enforcing bodies including HSE in 2020/21 (Source: HSE National Statistics 2021)

Benefits in Brief

  • Easy to use, ensuring full compliance with HSE legislation
  • Improve on-site safety standards
  • Full traceability of all competence checks for proof of compliance
  • Accelerate site entry processes, saving time and money
  • Monitor and manage all contractors on site with Reset Access
  • Improve pre and post-qualification procedures with Reset Company

Save time and resources

The time and resource savings are significant. All you have to do is register your company on the Reset website, which takes a few minutes, and you are ready to start verifying Reset cardholders immediately. As a verifying company, the service is totally free for you to use.

You can save even more time and resources by installing self-service Reset Access terminals at entry points to your site.

Supplier evaluations made easy

Checking the credentials of potential suppliers and service providers can be a long, drawn-out process. By using our free Reset Company service, you can easily check the detailed credentials of any company registered with the scheme – making lengthy pre-qualification processes a thing of the past. You can also use Reset Company to monitor your existing suppliers, post-qualification, to ensure that they continue to meet your standards.

Unlike many other pre-qualification schemes, which are based on the completion of an annual questionnaire, Reset Company is continuously updated in real time to ensure that the details you access are always current and relevant.

Products for Verifiers

Reset Company

Reset Company

The fast, simple way to conduct pre-qualification checks and post-qualification monitoring, as well as manage all Reset Individual accounts.
Reset Individual

Reset Individual

Enables instant online verification of the skills and qualifications of all visiting contractors, using a single Reset card – ensuring full compliance with HSE regulations.

Tools for Verifiers

Reset Access

Reset Access

Touchscreen self-service check-in system for Reset Individual cardholders attending your site, accelerating induction and competence-checking procedures.
Reset App

Reset App

Free downloadable app enabling you to use your smartphone to carry out fully traceable competence checks on individual workers, in any location.