General FAQ

Can I save the cardholders' details that I check?

Yes. You can print the details displayed on your PC, Mac or smartphone, or send them to your Inbox as a PDF attachment. Each report is time and date stamped along with the verifier's details.

How can I join Reset as an individual and get a Reset card?

Please download an application form here and then return it to us by post, together with your original certificates. Please make sure you complete the form carefully following its instructions.

How can my company join Reset and get Reset cards for my employees?

You can join Reset by completing the online registration here. When we have processed your company registration we will send you a Welcome Pack by post with the number of Reset Individual application packs as indicated on your Reset Company registration. Complete an individual application form for EACH employee that you wish to register. Please post the completed forms to us accompanied by the ORIGINAL certificates for the qualifications that your employees wish to add to their Reset cards.

How do I view my company’s My Recognised Suppliers list?

To access your company’s My Recognised Supplier List simply go to the Reset website at and scroll to the Quick Links section at the bottom of the home page. Select ‘My Recognised Suppliers’.

Enter your email address and password used when registering as a Verifier and click ‘Login’.

Your My Recognised Supplier list will be displayed. The traffic lights give you an at a glance view of the status of each company. By clicking the company name you can access their full profile.

If your username and/or password is showing as not valid then please contact the Reset Support Team at or call 0845 519 5768 as it may be that your Verifier organisation has not yet requested this facility to be switched on.

How much does it cost to join Reset?

For subscription costs please click here.

How will Reset save me time and money?

A Reset cardholder’s competences can be checked in less than a minute which means they can arrive at their place of work more quickly. This saves them time so they can get more done. For a cardholder or their employer their overall cost-savings are usually substantially higher than their monthly subscriptions. Verifiers can use Reset services FREE of charge. Verifiers also save time and money - checking qualifications and competences with Reset takes a fraction of the time and administration resources consumed by traditional verification methods.

I have received my Reset Company login details how do I complete my company information?

Please download the Reset Company Quick User Guide here

If I check a cardholder’s details is this check recorded?

Yes. Every check is logged and the details are stored on our secure servers.

My employer currently pays the monthly subscription for my Reset card. What happens if I change jobs?

Please let your new employer know that you are a Reset cardholder. In many instances they will be happy to pay your monthly subscription for you. If they will not pay, and you wish to continue benefitting from Reset membership, please let us know and send us your completed direct debit form. Your subscriptions will then be taken by direct debit from your personal account each month.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Please call us immediately by telephone on 0800 612 6062. We will then disable access to your personal details online and arrange for a replacement card to be sent to you. Your old card will then be permanently disabled and will no longer work with our systems.

When I gain new qualifications or competences how can I add them to my Reset card?

Please download, complete and return this form here

Where can the Reset card be used?

You can present your Reset card as proof of your qualifications and competences to anyone anywhere, in a private or public sector organisation. With your permission, if they have access to the internet using a PC, Mac or smartphone, they will be able to see and verify your details online.

Why is my Asbestos Awareness qualification showing as expired when my certificate shows it still in date/no expiry date?

In light of the 2012 update to the Control of Asbestos Regulations Reset made changes to the way it manages and displays Asbestos Awareness qualifications on cardholders’ profiles.

Regulation 10 of the Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2012 establishes the need for asbestos training in general, and states that such training needs to be;

-          given at regular intervals                                                                                                  

-          adapted to take account of significant changes in the type and nature of the work

-          provided in a manner appropriate to the risks involved, ensuring the employees are aware of the findings of the risk assessment and any relevant air monitoring

The accompanying ACoP L143 – Work with Materials Containing Asbestos paragraphs 264 to 272 state that refresher training should be given at least every year.

To ensure that you are complying with your statutory obligations and in order to assist  Verifiers (hospitals, airports, universities etc.) in their compliance with these regulations and guidance Reset has changed the way that it handles Asbestos Awareness Qualifications.

Reset will display Asbestos Awareness qualifications as expiring 1 year after the date they were awarded. This applies to all future certificates received as well as existing qualifications on cardholders’ profiles.

Due to these changes you may find that you start receiving notifications of expiry about Asbestos Awareness qualifications for your individuals that you were not receiving before.

You can check the status of your individuals’ Reset profiles at any time by logging in to the Verifier section of the Reset website and entering their card number and CVC code.

Reset also has a training division that can help you book Asbestos Awareness full or refresher training for your staff. Every Cardholder would be entitled to a 5% discount from the training cost and any qualification booked through Reset is automatically added to the cardholder’s profile as it is issued.

Why must I give my email address and a password to check the details of a cardholder?

Every online check of cardholder details is logged and stored on our secure servers. The system requires an email address and password to identify the person carrying out the check. Should a future incident occur, for your protection, the log can provide proof of when a check was made and by whom.

Will my personal details be secure?

Yes. All cardholder and verifier details are stored on secure servers. Information can only be accessed by authorised cardholders and registered verifiers. No information is shared with any other party.